Quadra is a leading equipment manufacturer recognized for their high performing plants and innovative solutions in automated processing of wet cast and precast concrete products including blocks, kerb stones, paving stones, slabs, concrete posts and panels, cable and drainage channels.

With their Headquarters based near Geneva, Quadra also provide the following products as part of their equipment offering:


Block & Paving Machines

Quadra’s series of block machines range from 1120 x 620mm to 1400 x 1300mm production board sizes and are capable of producing building blocks, pavers (with or without face mix), finger car/stacking pallets, solid or void packs with traditional cubers or robots. Plant upgrades and complete plants are tailored to the customers’ requirements.


Wet Cast & Semi-Dry Production

The flexibility of Quadra’s range of machinery allows varying degrees of automation to be integrated to suit the requirements of each project. The machines produce products such as cable troughs, lids for troughs, fence posts, gravel boards, mixed walling ‘stones’, patio slabs & piles.


Robotic Handling Solutions

Newly introduced into the concrete industry, Quadra manufacture the handling clamp and required automatic programming before integrating a robot from the leading manufacturer Kuka. This type of automation removes the repetitive and time-consuming tasks carried out by operators and reduces maintenance needs in turn optimizing productivity.


Vibrating Press

Equipped with high-performance, patented vibration technology, this fully automated production system is the perfect match when manufacturing hemp concrete blocks. Designed specifically to produce recipes using bio-sourced materials, the complete plant is graphically displayed to help operators supervise the production cycle. A user-friendly touch screen terminal provides the ability to adjust and view the block machine settings and parameters without interference with the hemp concrete block production.