Founded in 1974, Nordimpianti is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines and equipment in the production of prestressed concrete elements mainly used in the construction industry. The elements are used in flooring systems or as wall panels in a wide range of residential, civil, industrial and infrastructure construction projects.

Designed and manufactured in-house at their facility near Chieti, Italy, Nordimpianti’s Extruder, Slipformer and Wet Casting technologies maintains a strong product portfolio, offering all the ancillary machines necessary to make producing elements as efficient and cost effective as possible. Their in-house consultants are available to assist with minor technical questions up to the design of complete factories, to help expand and/or refurbish existing facilities or to provide advice, support and supply of green field start up investments.

Nordimpianti is committed to product quality and service and has been driven by the desire to build and supply products of the highest quality using the latest technology available since their foundation. With a wealth of experience gained from working with global prestressed concrete producers, Nordimpianti are your reliable partner in the supply of efficient production solutions.

Product Benefits

Prestressed concrete element production is made up of different intermediate phases, each one accomplished by a specific machine or piece of equipment. In recognition of this, Nordimpianti has developed an extensive range of machinery and equipment which has the ability to work in every phase of the production and to suit the individual concrete elements being produced. Their products offer the following benefits:

  • Build quality – Designed for longevity, their machines are manufactured from materials and components supplied by leading global manufacturers
  • Reliability – Their products have a proven international reputation. They are the preferred choice for many leading companies who need and expect their machinery to work hard with a minimum amount of downtime.
  • User friendly – Their machines are considered simple-to-use as they are designed and built in consultation with their clients who use them every day.
  • Quick and easy maintenance – takes just a few simple steps as each operation has been studied and engineered thoroughly.
  • Safety – Their products meet the strictest standards for the safety of workers and the workplace.

Nordimpianti supplies the following extensive range of machinery and equipment for the production of high quality prestressed concrete elements:


Extruder Evo Series

Modular and interchangeable, Nordimpianti’s Evo range of Extruder machines have been designed for the production of a wide range of prestressed concrete elements such as hollow core slabs both for floors and walls on long production beds. Standard heights range from 150mm to 520mm and they are available in the following widths: 600mm, 1200mm, 1250mm, 1500mm and 2400 mm.

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These machines offer a cost-effective and flexible solution for the production of a wide range of prestressed concrete products both for floors and walls on long production beds, including hollow-core slabs, inverted T-beams, vineyard posts, lintels, half slabs, solid slabs, inverted double T-beams and U-panels. Standard heights range from 80mm to 1000mm while the width can be up to 1200mm.

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Wet Casting Machines

These machines represent state-of-the-art in the production of prestressed concrete products such as hollow core slabs, solid slabs, inverted T-Beams and lintels with special attributes such as exposed wire and a corrugated upper surface. Standard heights range from 60mm to 300mm and widths up to 1200mm.

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Concrete Elements

Vineyard Posts – Lintels – Inverted T-beams – Inverted I-beams – Slabs with lattice ribs – Half slabs – Inverted Double T-slabs – U panels – Inverted Double T-beams – 1000mm High Hollow Core Slabs – Hollow Core Slabs 600mm/1200mm/1250mm/1500mm/2400mm – 1000mm High Grandstand Panels – Hollow Core Wall Panels with coloured aggregate finish.

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Multi-angle & cross-cut saws

The saw moves along the production bed and is positioned at the desired cutting point where the element is cut using a diamond blade. Cuts can be transversal, longitudinal or angular at any point along the element. Cut times vary between 90 & 180 seconds depending on the type and height of the product.

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Lifting Machine

Used to lift and carry the cut elements from the production bed to the exterior of the factory, where a forklift or overhead crane transfers them to the stocking area. The lifting machine can be equipped with varying clamps to suit the element being lifted.

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Hydraulic lifting beam / Element transport system

This machinery is used to lift and carry the cut elements from the production bed to the stocking area. Various lifting beams with clamps are available for lifting and transportation operations.

Lifting BeamsElement Transport

Multi-function bed cleaner

This exceptional machine performs 3 vital operations in the prestressed concrete element production cycle:

  1. Cleaning the production
  2. Oiling the production bed
  3. Laying the prestressing wires

Various power options are available including Electrical, LPG Engine and Diesel Engine.

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Multi-stressing Machine

To perform their function, steel wires are fixed on the reaction beams and prestressed before concrete casting. The stressing can be done in two different ways – single or multi-stressing. In both cases, the wires are fixed on the reaction beam by means of anchor grips.

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Element marking is widely used to print product information or mark out lines on the concrete elements before cutting. Product data may include name, company manufacturer’s logo, date of production, product length, batch code or the type of stressing wires used.

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Concrete Aspirator

This machine is used to make openings such as notches, holes or breaks in the wet concrete on elements previously marked out either manually or by a Nordimpianti installed plotter machine.

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Casting Beds

Production beds are used as the casting surface of the manufactured product and can be  concrete, cast directly on the production factory floor or an assembled metal bed (the type of bed is dependent on the products being manufactured).

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