CP Technology

CP Technology was established with the mission to design high-tech solutions for the infrastructure industry. Now with over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing special equipment for the construction of viaducts and bridges, CP Technology’s product range includes:

  • Tunnel Segment moulds
  • Tunnel Segment production plant
  • Patented Steel rib placing machinery
  • Overhead Launching Gantry
  • Underslung Movable Scaffolding System
  • Cantilevers
  • Incremental Launching System
  • Beams’ Formworks
  • Gantry Cranes
  • BIM Software

Moulds and Precast Plants for Tunnel Segments

CP Technology delivers complete turnkey prefabrication plants for tunnel segments and manufacture formwork for tunnel lining, customized to technical and production requirements. The widening of the motorway network between Milan and Naples included the construction of the Santa Lucia Tunnel. With an excavated diameter of 15.87 meters, the tunnel is using the largest TBM in Europe. CP Technology were selected to design, manufacture and supply the entire segment prefabrication plant including a steel framed building, lifting & handling equipment for both pre-formed and in situ concrete elements, and most significantly the carousel plant.

Using advanced 3D design tooling, the segment moulds are designed ensuring structural verification of the assembly and compliance with strict manufacturing tolerances throughout the entire production process.

Some of CP Technology’s innovations available to fulfil client requirements include:

  • Controlled concrete vibration
  • Integrated mould opening
  • Semi-automatic segment turning
  • Footboards at moulds height
  • Fast-opening plant doors
  • Integrated remote control operation

Part of the process of supplying segments to the TBM is via a fully automated stock yard as the stocking area had limited space. This presented another challenge so ‘just in time’ production was required and this allowed CP Technology to develop their precast software system.

CP Technology were tasked to find a means of allowing TBM traffic to pass to and from the face, however the main criteria was to ensure the tunnel segment installation could be sped up. The answer was the innovative ‘metal bridge’ solution allowing segments to be placed following the TBM, saving months of secondary processing in the Santa Lucia Tunnel.

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Tunnel Formworks for Tunnel Lining

With flexible solutions and the capability to deliver a formwork solely manufactured in-house, CP Technology have been instrumental in supplying machinery to the following main tunnel sites:

  • Brenner tunnel
  • San Gottardo tunnel (Alps transit)
  • High-speed Milano – Genova
  • Hong Kong Metro
  • Singapore Metro
  • Copenhagen City Ring

CP Technology designs and manufactures self-reacting formwork, self-supporting formwork and full round formwork. Hydraulic systems are designed according to the client’s specifications. The benefits of a customized design of both the steel building structure and the hydraulic system are consistent time and cost savings.

With 30 years of experience, more than 300 projects all over the world and a culture of innovation, CP Technology is one of the only companies in the market with the capability to deliver all in house designed equipment on time, on budget and with exacting attention to detail. In conjunction with rigorous quality checking at every step of the process, this enables a new way to reduce production costs.

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Steel Ribs Placing

With a patented, innovative solution for steel ribs placing, CP Technology deliver immediate and effective primary support of open-face excavations, using excavators in soft ground and drill & blast in hard rock conditions. The latest development – the tubular arch support system – delivers automatic installation of the elements, offering improved personnel safety.

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