Apilion machines+services is a leading global company specializing in the manufacture of automated cage welding machines for the precast concrete industry. With over 300 machines and plants in successful operation worldwide, Apilion’s product range includes:

  • Automatic cage welding machines for the production of high precision reinforcement cages for reinforced concrete (pressure) pipes. Diameters range from 100mm up to 6,000mm and contain variable quantities of longitudinal wires of different diameters. Apilion machines can also be equipped and programmed to fabricate conical cages or cages with bell sockets or even with zigzag longitudinal wires.
  • Semi-automatic machinery with manual longitudinal wire feed and bar material designed for the manufacture of heavyweight cages for driven and bored piles, poles, girders, pillars and columns as well as other structural elements.
  • Engineered mesh and cages for box culverts, septic tanks etc. Apilion’s BCM mesh plant has been designed principally for companies who are looking for a cost-effective production capability to respond to demand for engineered mesh at short notice. In-plant mesh production eliminates the need for mesh stockholding and the labour and costly modification of standard fabric.
  • Hoop Welding Machines which automatically form and weld hoops for manhole production directly from coil. The reinforcement wire diameter ranges from 5.5mm up to 8mm and the hoop diameters are flexible up to 1800mm within a tolerance of +/- 5mm. The hoops are welded using cost-effective resistance spot welding technology, removing the need for welding consumables such as gas or welding wire. With a footprint of only 4m x 6.5m, this machine is capable of producing approximately 400 hoops per hour and takes just 1 minute to change from one diameter to another.